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Your skin is our passion!

Caroline Rigo Cafe beauté

Caroline Rigo

PERSONAL DESCRIPTION: Always looking on the positive & pink side of life. Caring mum of 2 and happy girlfriend.
JOB TITLE: Business manager Café Beauté.
JOB SKILLS: Make-up artist, beauty esthetician, entrepreneur and always going to the end to achieve her goals.
EXPERIENCE: More than 15 years of experience in beauty and make-up
Business manager of (school make-up, fashion and hairstyling) with her business partner and friend Palmira Pboietti. Business manager of nEyes (a wholesale business of make-up) with her business partner and friend Winny Van Dijck. Business manager of Cent pur Cent (mineral make-up brand exclusive in pharmacies).

Sofie Carlier

Sofie Carlier

PERSONAL DESCRIPTION: Happy is my second name, little bit crazy, mom of two and very happily married.
JOB TITLE: Manager
JOB SKILLS: Brides, bacheloretteparties, make-up, hairstyling, workshops.
EXPERIENCE: Le Visage, Cent Pur Cent, bridal, shoots and videoclips
PASSION: Make-up, acting, singing and traveling.

Kim Vliegen

PERSONAL DESCRIPTION: Passion for beauty especially for make-up.
JOB TITLE: Make-up artist, hairstylist and beautician.
JOB SKILLS: Make-up, hairstyling and beauty treatments.
EXPERIENCE: Inglot Cosmetics, Le Visage, Blush academy.
PASSION: Make-up, Hair, Skincare, Nails.

Amaury Pellars

PERSONAL DESCRIPTION: “All I need is food and make-up”
JOB TITLE: Beautician, make-up artist and hairstylist.
JOB SKILLS: Make-up, hairstyling, eyebrows and lashes
EXPERIENCE: She worked for five years in Le Visage, TV Limburg, Blush Academy and Agency, Inglot, bridal, bridal anddddd bridal…
PASSION: Make-up, hair, food, shoes, clothes and nails: everything that makes a woman happy.

isabelle cafe beauté

Isabelle Baus

PERSONAL DESCRIPTION: Do what you love & Love what you do – happily married & enjoying Life.
JOB TITLE: Beautician – MakeUpArtist – Hairstyliste – Color & Style Fashion.
JOB SKILLS: Beauty MakeUp Fashion.
EXPERIENCE: MakeUp Skincare FashionStyliste – teacher @ Blush Academy – Member of Team Palmira Proietti – Le Visage Bridal – Cent Pur Cent – Bridal.
PASSION: Make people feel good – Walks with my dog – Travelling.