Max Pro Multi Airstyler


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The Max Pro Multi Airstyler is the ultimate multifunctional hairstyling tool for everyday use that blow-dries the hair while styling it. Thanks to four different attachments, you can create a variety of different looks within moments. The robust 1200W motor with a total of five different heating and speed settings assures you of ultimate control and minimum heat damage. Whether you are aiming for curls, straight hair, classy volume, or trendy beach waves, you can create your favorite hairstyle with a smooth finish in an instant when using the Max Pro Multi Airstyler. Sometimes the Multi Airstyler will automatically shut off because the temperature gets too hot inside of the tool. To protect the hair as good as possible we added a cool-down function in the Multi Airstyler. When the Multi Airstyler reaches its maximum temperature it will use this cool-down system to get back on a normal temperature. Our advise to you is to use small sections of your hair when you’re using the Multi Airstyler, this creates enough airflow. That way it won’t reach its maximum temperature very fast and you can enjoy styling your hair for longer.
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